Questions on: Snakes

Ron Smith, Horticulturist, NDSU Extension Service

Q: Are you aware of a plant that gives off an odor that would act as a snake repellent? (e-mail reference)

A: I donít. Sorry!

Q. In response to the person who is having problems with snakes in their steps—we sprinkled salt around the area where they were. The snakes will go away, never to return. (Wishek, N.D.)

A. Thank you for the information about snake control. I'm sure it will help many of our readers, and we will specifically pass this on to the person who wrote about a snake problem.

Q. I am writing with information for the person trying to get rid of snakes. My husband poured diesel fuel in the hole where the snakes were, and that took care of them. (Waubun, Minn.)

A. Thank you for the information about snake control.

Q. Enclosed is an article about a snake repellent for the person trying to control snakes. It is called Dr. T's snake repellent, or Snake-A-Way. (Jamestown, N.D.)

A. Thank you.

Q. We currently have a large number of "garden" snakes living under our front steps. I know they are harmless, but the family does not enjoy them. Also, they seem to have holes/tunnels which seem to bring rain water to our drain more rapidly. I am curious if there is some chemical or plant which might be used to drive them away. (Hawley, Minn.)

A. I am sorry, but I do not have a remedy for your friendly snake problem! Perhaps one of our readers have dealt with this problem and can advise us accordingly.

We'll keep your letter on file for several weeks to see if we get any response. If anything comes up, we'll pass it on to you.

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